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Our Journey

The Time is Right...Now

How did we get here and where are we going? In 2002, a bond was passed to support the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center. Not only has the "BPAC" been a success, it has provided the community with countless opportunities to come together, for students to discover their confidence, and for careers in performing arts to emerge.


Today, we have reached another crossroads and a need in our community. 

A focus group was created by members of the community to determine needs for the students of Blackfoot School District. It was determined that two schools currently have a problem with overcrowding, I.T. Stoddard Elementary and Blackfoot High School. After spending time researching solutions to the current problems, the committee has come up with a solution to not only meet the overcrowding demands, but also enhance some of the vital facilities. The decision was made to propose a new elementary school, and repurpose the existing I.T. Stoddard elementary into a part of the Blackfoot High School Campus as the Blackfoot Technology Education Center.

The Blackfoot Technology Education Center will push the students of Blackfoot to learn among the best technical schools in Idaho. This need has provided the district with an opportunity to develop a program for our community that will give students the skills necessary for today's workforce. This center will also serve as an opportunity for our community to receive adult education training from the Blackfoot Technical Education Center.

As a community, when we asked, you answered. You understood the commitment to the children being raised in our community.

Now we ask again for your support in our community.

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